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About Us

Superior Sewer & Drain is owned and operated by Zach Wurzer.

The Wurzer family

The Wurzer family


Western Days Parade 2015

Zach along with help and support from his wife set out to create a business that would not only support their family but allow Zach to spend more time with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

He knew it couldn’t be just any business it had to be something that would benefit his community and showcase his talents. Having worked previously in the Sewer and Drain business, Zach saw an opportunity to provide the community with superior customer service and professionalism in a field that he excels in..   So Superior Sewer & Drain was born.

When Zach isn’t busy working to make your sewer drains run like new, he enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking with his wife and listening to music on vinyl.


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